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SRSC Advanced Diploma of Rudolf Steiner Education – Semester 2 Term 3

Date: July 20, 2015

Location: Sydney Rudolf Steiner College, 307 Sussex St, Sydney NSW, Australia

About: Semester 2: Professional Development – The Classroom/The Pedagogical Journey This focuses on the theory & practice of Steiner Education. It balances Steiner educational philosophy with curriculum studies, practical experience & mentoring in classrooms.

The personal development of the individual becomes a path of professional practice, concerned with ethical responsibilities to society, the parent community, the school & the education of the child as well as the ability to communicate effectively out of a conscious understanding of their own life path & worldview.

Biography – Spiritual Journey Module 8

Date: September 18, 2015

Location: Sydney Rudolf Steiner College, 307 Sussex Street, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

About: Life as an Inner & Outer Developmental Journey. The Self in Search for Meaning – Cult, Religion, Spirituality

Images taken from world myths & fairy tales – including contemporary movies – suggest that the development of our ‘silent self’ is nourished by a ‘water of life‘ which can be found as a hidden fountain within the ‘ordinary world’. Exploring our biographies we trace life-giving, life-supporting and life-changing influences, and learn how to call on them more consciously.We also reflect & share about meaningful texts & practices from the variety of backgrounds represented between us.This includes poetry, verses, meditations, prayers & guidelines for inner work or dynamic meditations.
Course Leader: Karl-Heinz Finke

William Shakespeare's – A Midsummer Night's Dream

Date: September 24, 2015

About: Presented by: Advanced Diploma of Rudolf Steiner Education students of Sydney Rudolf Steiner College.
Venue: Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner School in the Sylvia Brose Hall, 5A Glenroy Avenue, Middle Cove
Time: 7.00 p.m.
Free Admission.
All Welcome!

Meet The College

Date: September 26, 2015

Location: Sydney Rudolf Steiner College, 307 Sussex St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

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  • Marionette Puppetry Workshop with Belinda Flynn

    Puppetry can bring magic and reassurance to children and adults.

    “Some say that the marionette is the best puppet type to portray the elegant fairy tale stories.  Perhaps this is because these mystery tales portray the evolution of the human soul, and the marionette depicts the human condition with such grace and uprightness” – Suzanne Down Puppeteer.

    The workshop will be structured to include:

    Day 1 – Marionette puppet story & introductory talk, exploration & choosing of   stories, materials & set design, dyeing of silks.

    Day 2 – Focus on Puppet making.

    Day 3 – Preparation of props and set with rehearsals and culminating in the     presentation of each story.

    The workshop will go ahead depending on the response received so please feel free to pass on information to family and friends. If the workshop is postponed there will be a complete refund.

    Course Details

    Date: 18th – 20th September 2015

    Time: 9:30 – 2:30pm

    Cost: $360 for 3 days includes all materials

    Please register by Monday 7thSeptember 2015

    For more information contact
    P: +61 2 9261 4001